Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Monday!

14 May 2012

Hello everyone,

      I hope everyone had a very Happy Mother's day, sorry I couldn't blog yesterday because I was spending Mother's day with my daughter..  But here I am today, yay!
The Fribomyalgia Awareness Day blog hop is officially closed. I will be announcing the happy winner of the "purple bag" full of purple goodies tomorrow.
       I want to thank everyone that commented on our hop and followed everyone on the list, and also a very special THANKS to all of you that in one way or another helped me to make this happened. I couldn't do it with out you.

       Tanner (MrCricutcrazy you supported me from the beginning of this idea and told me that I was capable of putting it together. I have so much respect for you.

       Corrine (from Facebook Blog Hops / ) you helped me to put the word out to make this happen.

       Kimberly  ( you took me under your wing and helped me when I was lost, you are My Angel.
        Alma  (  you were the first person to accept to take this challenge with me.

       And last but not least I want to thank all the wonderful ladies who knowing this was a last minute thing took the challenge with me and made this event a total success. 

Kimberly Pate                                                                

Paula McLane Jennings                                        

Tahi Diaz

Pam Laverty    

Anita Meadows Cannon


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  1. Thank you for hosting the hop... It was an honor to be part of it :)