Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21, 2012 Thanks everyone for your support!

April 21, 2012

 Hello everyone!

Today has been an excellent day. Although I have been crafting for years I am new to posting my projects on facebook and my blog. So for the last two days I decided to dedicate a little more time to facebook and this is what happened. I posted a picture of the card I made for my daughter's friend that got accepted to the Swedish Royal Ballet and the Sympathy Card and I got a lot of positives feedback. It made me feel so good.  Not only that, I also was able to make over fifty new friends in like three hours I was online. I was able to talk to some of them. I had a long conversation with a lady from Argentina, who told me she was so inpired by my cards. Isn't that awesome? The time went so fast that when I checked my clock was almost one o' clock in the morning and I still had to post on my blog.  Wow, Thanks everyone for your support.

Have a blessed day and stay tuned!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sympathy Card

April 20, 2012

Hello everyone!

Although I love making cards, today I had to make one for something I don't like.  A sympathy card for one of my daughter's ballet classmate who just lost her grandfather.  It is so hard when a person looses a family member. I wish no one has to go through.  So, even though I enjoyed making the card, I know for a fact that the person reciving the card at the other end won't be that happy.

My daughter wrote inside: "Wishing you confort in friendship and hope in prayer" she got the quote from the internet, and I believe it is the perfect one.

Stay tuned!
April 19, 2012

As I have mentioned in my last blog, I really want to catch up with everything that is happening in my life and around me.  Let me start commenting about a very great news for us. Like you all know I am the proud mother of a sixteen year old who loves to dance.  So in the last couple of weeks her best friend from ballet class got accepted to the Swedish Royal Ballet.  She is an excellent dancer and a wonderfull human being.  She has worked so hard for this moment that all of us around her can feel what she is feeling at this moment. My entire family is so proud of you, like you are one of us.  So of course, we cannot let the opportunity pass to make her a handmade card to congratulate her.  Hope you enjoy all the time to come.  Here is a picture of the card we made to make you understand how proud we all are of you.

Another thing I want to mention is that Tanner (MrCricutcrazy), who has been coaching me with my blog "thank you Tanner", has a member of his design team who just had a baby boy and another member who is expecting a baby girl "Congratulation to both of them on their new baby". So I decided to make both of them a little something for their babies, and this is what I came up with.

These are baby blankets that I crocheted on their borders. Aren't they gourgious? (yes, I crochet too)

These are the matching cards that will go with the blankets.  Love the baby's scene, so unique. 

Hope you ladies enjoy the little gifts for the new baby.

Stay tuned!

Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012

Hello everyone,

It has been almost a month since I last blogged.
A lot of things have happened. Let me start with a book a read that made me laugh so much, Joshua by Josheph F. Girzone. Great book, I would recomed it to everyone. Also my friend told me that there is another book called Joshua and the Children from the same author that I should read.

I went to see "The Hunger Games" movie, even though my sexteen year old daughter dragged me to go see it. I LOVED IT!!! I enjoyed the movie, but my daughter was a bit dissappointed, becuase she had read the books before hand. I still say everyone should go see it.

I have done a few crafts, including scrapbooking projects and cards. I will post pictures from everything soon, I promise.

 In my upcoming blogs I will be sharing some information about makeup and body care products I've used and loved.

Stay tuned!