Thursday, May 10, 2012


11 MAY 2012                    " Anything Purple"

Hello everyone,

We are getting ready for our first blog hop.  First of all I want to thank the ladies that, while knowing this was a last minute thing, decided to take the challenge and help me by  participating in this blog hop. It has really been a challenge for me to put it together.  So far I think we are on the right track to a successful blog hop.  This is an important cause because we all know someone in our life who suffers from this disease, maybe even the person sitting next to you for the last couple of crops. Most of the time no one knows in how much pain that person is in, and just think they look healthy and fine.  And this is the reason this blog hop was created. To acknowledge our friends and let them know that we are there for them. 
Now moving on to the rules for the hop.  As we all know the theme is "Anything Purple".  It can be a card, a scrapbook page, a decoration, etc. Let your imagination take you to the next level.  Just think on making a Fibromyalgia patient to feel better, "be there for them".  When you post your project please talk a little about what really inspired you to participate and to make your project.
You are might be wondering if there is a prize for this hop.  Yes, there is a prize. It will be a bag full of purple things, from scrapbooking supplies to personal items. You won't be disappointed.  Also, Mrs. Alma Brooks from Alma's Pink life is having a Silhouette  gift card that she is going to incorporate as a prize for her post. 
To be eligible for the prizes you have to follow my blog and everyone else's blog that is in this hop. You also must leave me and the ladies a comment in order to qualify for the prize. You get one entry for each comment you leave at each blog. If you choose not to make a comment on one of the hops you will get one entry but you won't get the +1 entry you would get if you make a comment on all hops. The bonus entry (8+1).
Thank you and good luck with your comments!


I don't want you to miss any of the great projects these ladies have put together. I have faith that the team has been working hard for this event with just a couple of days to put it together.


1. Alice Garcia   Your are here!

 Your next stop is here!
2. Renea Simpson Durrence 

3. Alma Brooks      

4.  Kimberly Pate

5.  Paula McLane Jennings

6. Tahi Diaz

7. Pam Laverty

8. Anita Meadows Cannon

See you at Midnight!
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  1. So Excited about the blog hop Thanks so much for doing this :-)!


    1. Me Alicetoo. Thanks to you for taking the challenge!

  2. This is an awesome Idea, and I love your page. I too have FMS and would of gladly participated in this hop. Feel free to contact me in the future if you do this again. Great cause. Awareness is very poor for this disease, and people just don't understand.

    1. Hi Barb, Big hugs to you. I will contact you next time. Thanks for stopping by.