Sunday, May 6, 2012

6 May 2012                                   I'm back!

Hi everyone,

Sorry took me a couple of weeks to get back to my blog, hope everyone understands, I know you will because all of you are such a good friends and followers. But let's stop talking about that and let me start talking about what I did during the last couple of weeks.  I have been a little busy with my daughter ( I homeschool her), working in some home projects and, of course, my crafts and my projects.

Here are the pictures of my haul:

So let's start with Michaels:

I found this pair of scissors right at the register and it cost me just $1.49.  I've used them already and they work pretty well.

Usually Enamel accents sell for $5.99 or more, I found this at Michaels on clearance for only $1.99
That was amazing!

This was a little find that I couldn't let myself pass.  The acrylic paint was .29 cents each on clearance, and the nail files I believe were $1.50 but I love the colors...... you ladies understand that, right???

These inks were a great find, they were 40% off. These are my first TH destress Inks, I know I should buy more, I paid only $2.99 each.

I used to have the Martha Stewart set of glitter but I gave them to my sister and now I didn't have a set, so I couldn't let this deal pass. 50% off, so I paid just $14.99.

I found these wood pieces $0.29 cents each on clearance, so I thought I might be able to use them in my scrapbooking room as decoration.

In the next two pictures we have some recollections flowers that were on clearance for $4.99, both border punches from EKsuccess were 40% off and I believe I paid $7.99 for one and $8.99 for the other one.  The Recollection Stamp set was on clearance for only $2.99 and finally I used my 40% coupon to buy some refill tape for my ATG gun.

So, just when I thought I had my order ready to pay these items were discovered:
- 20 sponge brushes for a dollar, so just .05cents a piece.  Can you do better than that?
-The little Recollections stickers were only $0.69 cents

The tape was on clearance for only $1.79 a piece.

The Celebrate it Ribbon were just $1.00 a roll.

This Designer Mat Pad has 96 sheets and it cost me just $2.99

So, these concludes Michaels' haul.  Let's move to Walmart now.

I went to Walmart and the first thing I saw as soon I walked in to the store was the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.  I had heard about this book on DulceCandy's blog and she said so many amazing things about this book that I couldn't let it pass.  So the regular price was $12.99 but it was 20% off so I paid only $10.39 for it. Of course I will give my review as soon as I finish the book

Of course I have to stop by the craft section at Walmart, so I ended up buying a set of Inkadinkado inks in earth tones. Two buttlerflys punches from EKsuccess, and a new hot glue gun with fine tip.

Stopped by the scrapbooking section and I found some new Studio G products, paper tape in different colors, some metallic markers, and rhinestones in a flower shape.  Also, at the clearance section Walmart had some Cricut lite cartridges so I decided to take DUDE! because I don't have that many cartridges dedicate to boys. Ah, and some ink too.

Like always at the last minute when I am about to go and pay I discovered new Fisckars kids stamps which I thought there were perfect for kids' parties or when you have a card making party at your house you don't have to worry about the kids using your good stamps (I know I do). I believe I paid $2.79 each.

Now let's move to ROSS, I've never been at the craft section in Ross before, until my friend told me to go and check, and this is what I found; a pack of cardstock (150) for only........keep looking...

Yes, just $4.99. I've already used some and they're a good quality cardstock.

Then I went to Joanns and was able to find the Fiskars texture plates, assortments 2, I am planning to use them with a cuttlebug I ordered from ebay (used). I'm scared to break my new V2. I also found Fiskars tags stamps.

Moving on to Target:

Although I consider myself a fiskateer because I have every single scissors from the company I wanted to buy this set form EKsuccess for the same reason I bought the stamps from fiskars at Walmart. So I can give it to kids to play, and of course I'll be using them too.   lol

No this is not for me, this is for my daughter, I think is so cute that I decide to post a picture of it. This bathing suit came up for less that $40.00, which I think it is great.

During my time at Target I felt like I wanted to change my nail color so I went and got myself a bottle of nails polish remover which worked perfect, it was pure acetone. And then I bought a pale pink nail polish.

And last but not least I wanted to show you about my new nail polish my husband brought me from Puerto Rico.  I have never been able to find this brand here in the US, so if you know a place please let me know immediately because I love this brand of nail polish. This nail polish brand is Bettina and this particular one I am using is called Pink Bikini.  In the picture it looks kind of red but in reality is a hot pink. Gorgeous

Hope everyone has enjoyed my haul.  Soon I'll be talking about the book "The Magic", I've heard so many good things about it that I really can't wait to start. 

Also I have been working on some scrabooking, birthday cards, and mother's day cards projects, so I'll be posting pictures soon.

I'll be talking about make up a little bit just because I have a few requests from some friends from the Ballet company were my daughter dances (I do there professional makeup during shows). And we might add a little bit of fashion....who knows.

Just stay tune for what is coming up.  Bye!


  1. I want to go shopping with you! Great deals!

    1. Sure, Let's get together! Thanks for your comment.